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Jordan Skipper

Jordan Skipper - Director Of Photography San Francisco

Jordan Skipper, an accomplished filmmaker based in the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area, stands at the forefront of the industry. Armed with expertise as a writer, director, producer, and editor, Jordan leads a team of skilled creatives with a shared mission: to bring compelling cinematic stories to life. His creative ambition extends beyond narrative, seeking to spark contemplation and awaken the genius within each viewer.

A self-taught filmmaker, Jordan's cinematic journey began by crafting homemade travel videos for personal enjoyment. His grassroots approach has granted him a comprehensive understanding of filmmaking, spanning audio and visual elements, as well as both pre and post-production processes. This meticulous foundation laid the groundwork for the establishment of Skippy TV, Our Time Filmz, and TILÈ Film Fest, solidifying his status as a prominent filmmaker in the community.

Beyond his cinematic endeavors, Jordan is a dedicated family man, married, and a proud parent of two young boys aged 2 years and younger. This personal facet adds depth to his artistic pursuits, influencing his storytelling with a genuine understanding of life's multifaceted experiences.

Jordan's passion extends to capturing the beauty of life's most precious moments, as he specializes in shooting weddings. His unique ability to document and immortalize these special occasions reflects his commitment to preserving the essence of love and joy. This dual passion for both cinematic storytelling and capturing life's significant events sets Jordan Skipper apart, making him a versatile and sought-after professional in the industry.

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